Phpldapadmin On Iis6

install IIS

the installation needs files from the installation disc

install php

get the windows binaries - PHP 5.* installer

last tested with PHP 5.2.1

Install the IIS ISAPI module
Make sure you also install the gettext and LDAP extensions.

IIS config

You will need to add index.php and index.php5 yourself to
Defauld website properties - Documents - Enable default content page

restart IIS

create test.php to test if php is working

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

** if Configuration File (php.ini) Path C:\WINDOWS your php propably can't find it's modules.**

Add to registry to fix.

"IniFilePath" = "c:\Program Files\PHP\"

install phpldapadmin

last tested with phpldapadmin-php5 1.0.2

In phpldapadmin\config\config.php

Comment out what is not right for your configuration

/* Useful important configuration overrides  */

/* phpLDAPadmin can encrypt the content of sensitive cookies if you set this
   to a big random string. */
$config->custom->session['blowfish'] = '';

/* Define your LDAP servers in this section  */

$ldapservers = new LDAPServers;

/* A convenient name that will appear in the tree viewer and throughout
   phpLDAPadmin to identify this LDAP server to users. */
$ldapservers->SetValue($i,'server','name','My LDAP Server');

/* Examples:
           (Unix socket at /usr/local/var/run/ldap) */
// $ldapservers->SetValue($i,'server','host','');

/* The port your LDAP server listens on (no quotes). 389 is standard. */

 *      SASL Authentication         *

/* Default password hashing algorithm. One of md5, ssha, sha, md5crpyt, smd5,
   blowfish, crypt or leave blank for now default algorithm. */


login with cn=Manager,dc=domain,dc=com and pasword for "root" login
or use anonymous logon

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